Wolf of the Wild

Methari of the Lyroellon


Vital Information

NAME...  Methari Lavelle.

NICKNAMES...   Thari, Ari.

RACE...  Lycanthrope.

GENDER...  Female.

AGE...  20.

BIRTHDATE...  Tetradas, the 13th of Sudarmas.

ORIENTATION...  Asexual, Demiromantic.

Other Statistics

NATIONALITY...  Kenkaran.

FAMILY...  Lyroellon Pack.

OCCUPATION...  Hunter & Tracker.

PATRON DEITY...  Avaris, Penumbra.

HEIGHT...  5'5".

WEIGHT...  120 lbs.

ALIGNMENT...  Neutral Good.

General Information
Methari Lavelle grew up in the region of Kenkar, the daughter of a tryst between an elven woman, Ashathra, a priestess of Avaris and Dane Lowell, a hunter and tracker with the --- Pack
Top Banner artwork by Anna Shoemaker, originally not for this character. This artwork is not used with the intention of profit, and will be removed if the original creator requests it.

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